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Model Action Plan for Corporate Sector in the fields of environment  (ENV-GOVERNANCE)

Community Participation of the Companies on environmental aspects

- Environment is not an unnecessary luxury of the people, it is the basic necessity. Nationally and internationally lot of speeches have been thrown on different aspects of environment but in the name of development and industrialization, environment is constantly being hammered. Till now the loss is colossal and the most organized and equipped Corporate Sector should come forward to compensate such loss.

- Individual companies / firms / organizations may adopt a locality, village, road, lane etc. in any area they prefer and can take all steps that are necessary for improving and maintaining the environment and ecology of the adopted area. For example a company can adopt the entire stretch of Jaharlal Nehru Road and through the support of voluntary organizations / persons in the locality can monitor the following aspects: -

a) By installation of “Remote Sensing” instrument in the street the emission from individual vehicles can be measured and reported to the appropriate authority – if emission is above the permissible limit.

b) With the assistance of Sound Limit Detector vehicles blowing electric / air horn can be ascertained and individual vehicle creating sound pollution can be manually identified and reported.

c) The above practice can be adopted for vehicle engines emitting sound beyond permissible limit.

d) Care can be taken so that no road-side establishment operates the portable generator set on the road.

e) The installation of air-conditioners towards the road side at very low height can be detected and stopped.

f) Road side trees, gardens, etc. can be tendered and the reckless cutting down of road-side trees can be prevented.

g) The trimming/pruning/damaging the road side trees for better view of advertisement boards cab be stopped.

h) Littering on the roads can be checked.

i) Illegal parking of vehicles can be prevented.

j) Ensure that the road side public conveniences are clean and useable.

k) Since KMC / Govt. is going to take decisions for not allowing or partially allowing hawkers on footpath, care can be taken to see that the footpaths are not encumbered by flouting the decisions.

l) If there is digging of road or footpath, care can be taken to see that the same are restored immediately.

m) During nor’-wester many trees or big branches thereof fall on the ground. Immediately after such incidents, rescue and curative teams can be deputed.

n) Care can be taken to ensure that there is no violation of sound norms by using loud-speakers.

o) Garbage cleaning operations can be ensured timely and regularly.

p) The hoardings obstructing the footpaths can be identified and reported.

q) Commuters can be persuaded not to get into the buses or disembark from buses here and there.

r) Bus drivers can be commanded not to stop the buses everywhere.

s) Pedestrians can be requested not to cross the road here and there.

t) People can be persuaded not to smoke in the open.

u) Throwing of wastes from the road side establishments can be regulated. 

v) Road side performances (drama, singing, plying of instrument) can be organized.

w) Some roads are washed in the morning, which can be vouched.

x) Assistances can be extended to the elderly citizens and children while commuting through the road / footpath.

y) City guidance can be volunteered to the persons seeking the same.

z) To ensure that street lights are working in the night hours. 

- The standard of a person can be judged by his/her shoe, a family can be identified by its kitchen/toilets and a city can be identified by its river or sea front. Calcutta’s river front is neglected, misused and abused. In U.K. the Corporate Sector has adopted Thames River Bank not for commercial exploitations but for its preservation. In India Corporate Sector has heavily entered into cricket / football/public puja ceremony/cinema etc. Our lifeline but neglected Ganga River’s front can be adopted by various companies/organizations to ensure that the holy river is not fouled/littered. This sort of environmental activism is expected and desirable also from the Corporate Sector of the country

- The schools attended by children from poor family can be adopted by different companies to educate the students with environmental and social disciplines. The Corporate Sector should come forward to sponsor the meritorious students (rank holders) having the minimum means. Such social governance can promote a balanced society.

- The Corporate Sector can be housed in such premises where there are provisions for Rain Water Harvesting and installation of Solar Power Energy.

- More than one crore of population of West Bengal are now affected by arsenic and potable water is really a scarce item in Rural Bengal. Under the circumstances, the Corporate Sector can come forward for the supply of arsenic free water by installing the low cost supply system in the affected villages. There is practically no medical treatment available for the arsenic affected patients. Healthy food along with vitamins can be of immense help to the sufferers. Arrangements can be made to feed the poor patients with good food and necessary vitamins.

- Through saving of electricity the Corporate Sector can not only enhance their profits but can be of great help to the environment and ecology. Through regular energy audit, they can reduce consumption and contribute less to the global warming. 

- The Corporate Sector can organize seminars, debates, programmes etc. regularly to educate the common people in the fields of environment and social disciplines. The projections through the electronic media can also be availed by them.

Our mission

- From our organization we are approaching different companies/organizations individually and also meeting all the Chambers of the city to communicate the aforesaid environmental programmes and for starting functions thereon. 

- Every year the State Pollution Control Board gives excellence awards to different companies for the better environmental performances in their industrial activities, which by law they are bound to do. In addition to the existing practice, they should felicitate different organizations for their eco-social activities, which they are not required to perform under the statutory provisions. 

With green salute, 

(Subhas Datta)

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