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Model Action Plan for Corporate Sector in the fields of environment  (ENV-GOVERNANCE)


- In the pollution scenario of the world the contributions by the rich countries are the highest and the worst as well. The level of such contributions varies according to the economic levels of each country. There may be debates about the ranks of the countries in pollution parameters but there is no denial of the fact that we all contribute to our coffin. Instead of thinking globally, the thrust should now be to concentrate locally. There is always a common tendency in all the fields that we sound big but perform small but day has now come when we should sound small but achieve the biggest. Our humble effort is to mould our day-to-day life in such a manner that I become the skimmer in making the environment more and more sustainable. The starting will be from ‘myself’ and gradually travel to subsequent stages like ‘my family’, ‘my neighbours’, ‘my friends’, ‘my city’ and finally to ‘my country’. 

- Like the rich countries the Corporate Sector contributes the maximum to the environmental problems of our society. This sector adds to the pollution load not only through their own manufacturing and developing functions, they create a regiment (their employees and associates), who are used to luxuries of life more than the average people and contribute maximum to the environmental problems.

Role of Corporate Sector in respect of their own employees

- Since the Corporate Sector is the maximum beneficiary of the existing practices, we expect from them little bigger and better role in the fields of environment and ecology. This sector should start with their own employees first.

- The H.R.D. (Human Resources Development) of the Corporate Sector should ensure that their employees indulge such practices in their day-to-day life that automatically help to create better ambiances. At the time of annual / periodical review about the employees for their promotion, lift, up gradation, etc. the H.R.D. Department should make the assessment not simply in terms of his/her performances for the company but should also include the following aspects in the rating process: -

a) Whether he/she takes own health-care everyday through morning walk / yoga / physical exercise / pranayam / meditation or not.

b) Whether his/her family members / dependents take similar care as stated in earlier paragraph or not.

c) Whether he/she smokes or not. If so, to what extent.

d) Whether he/she uses solar power in the house or not.

e) What is the alternative source of energy during power-cut hours?

f) Whether he/she tenders/maintains trees in the house/drawing room, garden or in the vicinity or not.

g) Whether he/she practices gifting saplings in any social occasion/function or not.

h) Whether he/she has the reading habits during late hours of night (depending on electricity) or early hours of the day (depending on natural light).

i) Whether he/she has pets in the house. If yes, what care is personally taken?

j) Whether any care like giving food/water to non-pet animals / birds is taken or not.

k) What steps are taken to reduce the use of electricity in the house?

l) Whether he/she cleans the own toilet in the house or not.

m) Whether he/she has taken part in the community environment programme or not.

n) Whether any environment awareness programme has been attended/undertaken or not.

o) Whether he/she is accepting any plastic carry bag of prohibited specification while buying materials from the market. 

p) Whether he/she is regularly tuning his car and PUC Certificate is taken timely.

q) How the household wastes are disposed of?

r) What is the check and control measures to ensure the potability of drinking water in the house and whether water bottles used in the residence are regularly changed after one month or not.

s) Whether having vegetarian or non-vegetarian food habits.

t) Whether any child has been deployed for household work or not. 

u) During house puja ceremonies whether such rituals are performed which cause depletion of oxygen. 

v) Whether mosquito nets or coil/spray etc. are used in the house during night hours of sleep.

w) Whether musical systems of the house are operated with low volume or high volume. 

x) Whether early riser or late riser.

y) Whether takes financial as well as physical care for the dependent parents or not.

z) Whether got accused / implicated for violation of environmental rules/norms.

On the above information, collected from the individual employees marks would be awarded and the HRD Department should consider the same at the time of annual / periodical review. There can be an audit done by the activists/PCB whether HRD of any company is following the review practices or not.

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