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Programme on environment and social education of primary school children

In order to fight the environmental degradation simple awareness on this subject will not be sufficient. Many of us are well aware about the danger but unfortunately for short term convenience we invite long term hazards. GREEN BRIGADE is therefore needed to fight the uneven battle. That is why we have taken up a mission to educate the primary school children belonging to the poor section about environment and morality in such language and tone that they understand and accept.

Instead of advising them to read books and learn if we can show the children what is our mother nature and its beauty, unique bio-diversity, forests, water bodies, colourful birds and their songs through audio-visual presentation in lucid language, they may learn this subject by their hearts. Such learning becomes more effective. Education of life is no less important than academic chapter of our life. 

Along with knowing the nature, environment, flora and fauna, the children should also learn how to make their day-to-day life more eco-friendly without causing much inconveniences. If the students of primary stage can learn that today’s comfort should not be tomorrow’s misery, the uneven battle for better ecology can be won by us. It is therefore extremely urgent that the children should be groomed to become dedicated GREEN SOLDIERS.

We have prepared a check-list for the school children detailing how they should tune their daily life to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. We all talk about the GLOBAL WARMING and the dangers arising out of the same. But we forget to take any note of our own contribution to the same and how we can be effective to minimize it. Along with presentation of nature and its beauty to the students we desire to convince them to make their life style more sustainable. Recently we have taken part in the “Development of Environmental Awareness” programme organized by Ramkrishna Mission Sikshamandir, Belur for the In-service teachers of various schools of the state of West Bengal where our proposed venture has been highly appreciated.

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