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The water logging position in Calcutta The water logging position in Calcutta
The water logging position in Calcutta General Jayanta Ray Chowdhury, Justice Bhagabati Prasad Banerjee and Sri Upen Biswas, Director of CBI
Mr. Sushanta Chatterjee, the Acting Chief Justice of Orissa High Court Mass-movement on the high prices of vegetables
The environmentalists of the State of West Bengal The fighter for preserving water-body Shyamapada
Mr Shanti Ray and Mr. Rebati Ranjan Bhattacharya The Green Activist Mr Amal Dutta of Alipurduar Nature Club


Environmental and other move through the judicial Forum
(From 1995 to March 2007)

Destruction of Green Verges and parks at Salt Lake City, Calcutta (WP 15871 of 1997) by constructing community centers/clubs therein. In this process the greeneries of New Calcutta was being spoilt. We had filed the said Writ Petition before the Green Bench and the matter got disposed of with the direction upon the Govt. and the concerned authorities to demolish all constructions inside the park and green verges. (Filed in September 1997)

We have filed a Writ Petition (No. 12902 of 1997) on various types of environmental disorders at Rabindra Sarovar Lake, which is the only National Lake of the State of West Bengal and is the second largest lung of the city of Calcutta. This matter is actively being monitored by the Green Bench of the High Court at Calcutta. Several directions have been passed in the matter. One S L P was moved before the Supreme Court against an order passed by the Hon'ble High Court in the matter of squatters on the railway track, parallel to the said lake. The said S L P in the Supreme Court finally got disposed of with a favourable direction. The PIL Bench of the Calcutta High Court has finally disposed of the matter. 

On hazards and pollution being caused by some morgues of the State of West Bengal we have filed several Writ Petitions (WP No.19445 of 1997; WP No. 375 of 1998 and Re-Burdwan Medical College Morgue). There were hearings and directions by the Court from time to time and lastly after calling the Chief Secretary of the State to be personally present in the Court, directions have been issued to renovate all the 49 morgues of the State, which are now being complied with. (Filed on various dates of 1997 and 1998)

On water contamination of Doodhpukur of Tarakeswar Shiva Temple, which is visited by more than 50 lakhs of pilgrims from India and Bangladesh, Writ Petition (No. 6782 of 1998) was filed by us. The water of the Doodhpukur is used as Charanamrita but the same was highly polluted because of discharge of untreated drain water into the water-body from the neighbouring houses. Thus the holy water had become unholy and totally un-hygienic. In this matter several directions have been passed by the court and at present the discharge of drain water has been stopped and other developmental projects have been undertaken. The matter has finally been disposed of by the Hon'ble Green Bench with the direction to complete the total de-siltation of the pond and fill the same by fresh water. (Filed in April 1998)

On industrial pollution caused by M/s. Keshoram Rayon Industries, an unit of Birla Group of Companies at Kuntighat, Hooghly Writ Petition (No. 15462 of 1997) was filed. Several directions have been passed in the matter including award of relief under the Public Liability Insurance Act 1991, the first of its kind in the country. After Bhopal Gas disaster in the year 1984 the necessity of framing a suitable law was felt for compensation of the affected persons who fall victim because of the operations of hazardous industries. Thus the Public Liability Insurance Act was framed and on the basis of our petition the relief under the said Act was awarded to the victims for the first time in the country. (Filed in June 1997)

Fire hazard at Dasnagar Industrial Estate, Baltikuri, Howrah, had taken away five lives and made hundreds of poor people indisposed. The people died there because of the discharge of gas from the burnt godown. In this matter (WP 15805 (W) of 1998) several directions have been passed by the court and our President had assisted the Hon'ble Court as Amicus Courie (Assisting the Court). (From April 1998)

Tremendous hazards is/was being caused through the unplanned and unscientific way of disposal of Clinical Wastes at Calcutta & Howrah (WP 15803(W) of 1998). This aspect was brought to the notice of the Green Bench by us and the Court had started suo moto proceedings on this subject. Several directions have been passed by the court on this issue in which our President is the Amicus Courie. The matter has been disposed of with specific directions. (Started from April 1998)

Cutting down of trees at Mankundu (WP 13223 (W) of 1998). Hooghly in this matter State Govt. has been directed to frame suitable Act/Rules with regard to the protection of trees in Non-Forest Areas of West Bengal 2003. The Draft Act has been placed before the court and the direction has been given to the State Govt. to complete the process of enacting the Law within a period of 6 weeks and place the same before the State Assembly. This matter was brought to the notice of the Court by our President, who had virtually become the de facto petitioner in this matter (Started from 15th May 1998). The Act has finally been passed.

Writ Petition (No 21098 (W) of 1998) was filed by us in the matter of cutting down of trees at Arambag where about 1000 trees were chopped out by the miscreants. This matter has been disposed of with the direction for compensatory plantation, which has been complied with. (Filed in November 1998)

On the proposed cutting down of trees at the boulevard of Southern Avenue, Calcutta for diversion of traffic we had moved a petition (WP 21030 (W) of 1999). This petition has been dismissed on the ground that there was no plan of the State Govt. for cutting down of any tree there. (Filed in December 1999)


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