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   Your responsibilities for environment
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   Programme on environment for school children
   Eco-friendly and healthy practices for the school students
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Briefing the media on environmental issues Environment activist are performing symbolic religions
failure of rationing system Justice Bhagabati Prasad Banerjee is giving the consolation
Justice Gitis Ranjan Bhattacharjee is being felicitated by our member in the seminar Justice Mukul Gopal Mukherjee
Mr. Dilip Biswas Mr Bob receiveing the award
Our activist cleaning the Victoria Memorial ground Our activist cleaning the Victoria Memorial ground
Our children activists in movement against power Our crawling movement on the issue of installing the statue of Swamiji in place of Ho chi mean
Our ecofriendly seminar Our ecofriendly seminar
Our movement against atrocities on the student in Tien un men square Our movement against defunct judiciary
Our movement against police atrocities by hand cuffing after arrest Our movement against religious fanaticism
Our movement against the disrupted railway service in the country Our movement against the scarcity of drinking water in Howrah 
Our movement in support of electrical reforms made by T. n. Sehon Our President addressing the seminar at Alipurduar on conver 
Our President is meeting the Chief Minister of West Bengal as Railway Minister of Govt Our President is planting sapling at the spot 
Our protest movement against not clearing the garbage Our rally in support of Mr seshon 
Our save howrah movement Our women activists are arrested by the police 
Press conference Press conference
Press conference Protest movement on Justice Delayed  
The masked green activists are holding sit The release of green activist from illegal 


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