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Environmental and other move through the judicial Forum
(From 1995 to March 2007)

We had filed a Writ Petition (No 7516 (W) of 1999) against the setting-up of a Satellite Township at Rajarhat by the Govt. of West Bengal by flouting all environmental norms. The total project cost is Rs. 18000 crores. Several directions have been passed by the court in this matter, which has finally been disposed of with the direction to comply with all environmental norms. (Filed in April 1999)

On pollution arising out of auto emission in the city of Calcutta, petition (No 14168 of 1996) was filed by Forum for Calcutta and afterwards another petition has been filed by Mr. S. M. Ghosh. Our President was acting as Special Officer in these matters and actively assisting the Hon'ble Court on the dates of hearing. The matter has been disposed of by the Court.

Two writ petitions (No 1303/99 and 17913/96) on the problem of Arsenic contamination in water in the state of West Bengal for which about fifty lakhs of people are affected, had been heard by the Green Bench and as desired by the erstwhile Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, our President had actively assisted the Hon'ble Court in these matters and submitted several measures on this subject. 

Before the last parliamentary election, a petition (WP No 17276 of 1999) was filed by us on the violation of sound norms by the leaders of different political parties. As the election campaign had ended on the date of the first hearing of the said petition, the same was considered to be infractuous by the Hon'ble Court. (Filed in October 1999)

In the matter of pollution being caused by the running of Generators (WP 13713 (W) of 1999) in the state of West Bengal, our President has assisted the Green Bench in this matter. (Started from August 1999)

In the matter of torturing of trees by fixing display boards on the road-side trees in the state of West Bengal, a Writ Petition No. 1934(W) of 2000 had been filed by us on which the Hon'ble court has imposed a total ban on such acts of cruelty. (Filed in February 2000)

In the matter of rampant quarrying around Rammam Hydel Power Project in Darjeeling hills a Writ Petition No. 13208(W) of 2000 has been filed by us and on the basis of the report filed by the Geological Survey of India, the petition has been disposed by the Hon'ble court (Filed in August 2000)

In the matter of massive deforestation in the hilly areas of Darjeeling, a Writ Petition (No. 12266 (W) of 2000) has been filed in which our President is now actively assisting the Hon'ble Court by producing photographs, video recording and other relevant information collected from the spots by personal visits there. (Filed in August 2000)

In the matter of illogical trimming down of trees at different places of Calcutta, Salt Lake City and Howrah before the last festival, a Writ Petition (No 17783 (W) of 2000) had been filed by us, which had been dismissed on the ground that such acts of chopping out the trees were already over. (Filed in October 2000)

In the matter of chopping out of 1000 trees from the island on the river Ganges at Guptipara in the district of Hooghly, a Writ Petition (No 20850 (W) of 2000) has been filed by us which has been disposed of with the direction to replant trees there and to spend the entire money collected by the local Panchayet through selling out the trees from the said island. (Filed in December 2000)

In the matter of alleged rape of an Indian adolescent girl in Dakha, Bangladesh, a Writ Petition (No 2277 (W) of 2000) was filed and after our President's personal visit to Dakha and interaction with the victim girl at the destitute home, it came to light that the girl was not from India and from Bangladesh only. In order to avoid police harassment and to enjoy better treatment at the destitute center, the victim girl (stated to be raped by the high officials of Insurance Company of Bangladesh) took the wrong plea of being Indian. After getting the report from us as well as from the Indian High Commission at Dakha, the petition has been disposed of. (Filed in February 2000)

In the matter of cricket match fixing in India a Writ Petition (No 5288 (W) of 2000) was filed in which C B I enquiry, along with others, were demanded by us. Since the C B I enquiry was already ordered by the Govt. of India, the petition was disposed of by the Court. Our petition was the first in the whole Country. (Filed in April 2000)

In the matter of abandonment of the cricket match due to police lathi charge at the Eden Gardens, Calcutta, a Writ Petition (No 3167 (W) Of 1999) was filed for the refund of the value of the ticket. The court had ordered to make an enquiry by the Chief Secretary of the State. (Filed in February 1999)

In the matter of the illegal construction of commercial complex by the Howrah Municipal Corporation on the main outfall drain of the city of Howrah, a Writ Petition (No 16346(W) of 2000) has been filed which has been disposed of by the Hon'ble Court with specific directions. (Filed in September 2000)


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