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Environmental and other move through the judicial Forum
(From 1995 to March 2007)

In the matter of West Bengal chapter of Ganga Pollution and the Industrial pollution in the State (original petition was filed by Mr. M. C. Mehta in the Supreme Court and after the constitution of the Green Bench at High Court, Calcutta the matter was referred to the later court) we have been allowed to be added as a party in the matter and at present we are representing the issue before the court. A Ganga Monitoring Committee for West Bengal has been set-up by the High Court in which our President has been inducted.(From September 1999)

In the matter of devastating flood that took place in September 2000 in West Bengal we have carried out a survey in six districts mid after visiting seven dames/barrages and after interactions with 1000 flood victims, we have filed a massive Writ Petition (No. 113 (W) of 2001) enclosing 212 photographs in the matter. Lastly an Expert Committee has been constituted by the P.I.L. Bench of the High Court at Calcutta to go into the details of the petition and suggest the remedial measures thereon and the findings of the said committee have agreed with contents of our petition. Lastly based on the recommendations of the Expert Committee the matter got disposed of by the Court. (Filed in January 2001)

In Calcutta the Metro Rail Authority has taken up a project to extend the service towards further south of the city and because of the same they were going to construct pillars at the middle of an old river called Adi Ganga. We had filed a Writ Petition (No. 2094 (W) of 2001) before the Hon'ble High Court challenging the construction of the railways at the cost of waterways. We have lost this case on the ground of overriding effect of Sec.11of the Indian Railways Act 1989 on any other laws of the country. (Filed in February 2001)

We have filed a Writ Petition (No. 6178 (W) of 2001) against a multinational company for their alleged emission of gaseous element from the factory and causing damages to the crop, trees and other greeneries of adjacent village at Haldia. This matter has been heard by the Court and as per the Hon'ble court's direction Central Pollution Control Board, State Pollution Control Board and other various expert bodies have made inspections and submitted several reports on this issue from time to time. Finally on 19th July 2002 the Hon'ble Green Bench has directed for the constitution of a Local Monitoring Committee to check and control the loss of agricultural products and other things due to discharge of gaseous element from the industries of Haldia. (Filed in April 2001)

After immersion of images of Durga/Kali in the river Hooghly such debris/wastes are allowed to decompose in the holy river for which we have filed Writ Petition before the High Court demanding immediate clearance of such immersed materials from the river. The Court has directed the State Govt./Police to remove such stuff from the river immediately after immersion. (Filed in October 2000)

In the matter of timely completion of the repair work of the understructure of Howrah Bridge (Rabindra Setu) a Writ Petition (No. 1233 (W) of 2000) had been filed on which the High Court had directed the concerned authorities to complete the work within the time schedule of 18 months as against the earlier repair work continuing for more than 6 years. (Filed in December 2000)

In the matter of conversion of meter gauge rail line into broad gauge from New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) to New Bangaigaon (Assam) WWF had filed a Writ Petition (No. 13220(W) of 2000) before the Green Bench objecting such conversion on the ground of possible accidents of elephants with the rail. In this matter our President had been acting as the intervener and assisting the Hon'ble Court with facts, figures, photographs, suggestions, etc. The matter has finally been disposed after due consideration of the suggestions given from our side. (Filed in March 2001)

In the matter of contamination of drinking water in the State of West Bengal we have moved a Public Interest Litigation before the High Court at Calcutta after collecting water samples and testing the same from 50 different spots of the State (W. P. No. 16530 (W) of 2001). It is very unfortunate that water samples collected from Medical College Hospital, N.R.S. Hospital, S. S. K. M. Hospital, Bangur Hospital, Shambhu Nath Pandit Hospital, Howrah General Hospital, Hindu School, Hare School, Howrah Zella School and Sealdah Railway Station were found unfit for human consumption. The matter is now being heard by the Green Bench of the High Court at Calcutta. (Filed in January 2001)

The Botanic Garden at Howrah is the largest one in the whole South East Asia and the oldest in India. There are/were various types of mismanagement and irregularities in the said historic Garden on which we have moved a petition (W. P. No. 2856 (W) of 2002) before the Green Bench. The matter is actively being heard by the Hon'ble Court and lastly an Expert Committee has been constituted on the basis of the direction of the Green Bench to suggest corrective measures for the said historic garden. The Court is now passing several directions based on the recommendations of the Expert Committee. (Filed in February 2002)

In the matter of mismanagement, misuses and other various types of disorders concerning the historical Victoria Memorial Hall at Calcutta. We have moved a petition (W. P. No. 7987 (W) of 2002) before the PIL Bench of the Hon'ble High Court at Calcutta on which several directions have been given by the court. (Filed in June 2002)

In the matter of carrying night-soil on human heads and causing various types of hazards out of the same in the city of Howrah a Writ Petition (No. 15206 (W) of 2002) has been moved before the Green Bench of the High Court at Calcutta on which some very positive directions have been given by the Court.

In the matter of mismanagement and various types of environmental hazards being caused in and around the Brigade Parade Ground, Calcutta, which is considered to be the largest lunge of the city, we have moved a Writ Petition (No. 4016 (W), of 2003) before the Green Bench of the High Court at Calcutta on which direction for filling Affidavit-in-Opposition has been given by the court. Lastly in the month of December 2003 this W. P. has been disposed of by the Hon'ble Court with a specific direction to constitute a Watch-Dog-Committee for better monitoring of environmental and other aspects of the Brigade Parade Ground at Calcutta.

In the matter of quality of the soft drinks and contamination of different forms therein we have moved a Writ Petition (No 12118 (W) of 2003) before the PIL Bench of the High Court at Calcutta on which notices have been issued by the Hon'ble Court to different respondents. The matter finally got disposed of with the direction for Rain-Water-Harvesting by the companies.


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